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Online Coaching

Bespoke Workout Plan

Assessment of your current condition, training history and goals to create a bespoke structured and easy to follow training programme specific to your goals and needs

Custom Meal Plan

Assessment of your eating habits, favorite foods and dietary needs to design a meal plan that you will find easy to stick to

Weekly Progress Check-ins

Weekly checkins with photos and a detailed questionnaire to check your progress and make alterations when necessary to keep you making progress towards your goal

Bespoke Workout Plan

Tracking sheets and logs to track difference aspects of training such as strength, calories, water intake etc.

24/7 Support

24/7 access to me for support to help with any questions, technique analysis and advise so you feel confident in all aspects of your diet and training

Guidance and Accountabillity

Guidance and Accountability to ensure you follow through with the plans. Regular form and technique checks, tips and educational content

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I went and trained arms with Chloe, Going with her made me feel so much more confident


She is very supportive and focuses on getting the technique safe and correct. She is really encouraging and I feel like I want to make her proud by working my hardest!


Since starting my workouts with Chloe, I am feeling stronger, starting to see an increase in muscle tone around my surgery site and feel strength returning to my abdomen muscles!

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