CBF Workout Logbook


CBF Fitness Workout Logbook

  • High quality workout log designed to log and track your workouts allowing you to assess your progress and break through plateus.
  • Designed by fitness enthusiast and coach for easy and straight forward logging.
  • Log to record your weight, sets, reps and cardio
  • Personal best log so you can track and smash thise PBs.
  • Comprehensive measurements tracker to log your weight, body fat and other measurements.
  • Useful information and tips section for begginers.
  • Desiged and printed in the UK.

Why I designed this logbook:

Progressive overload is key to consistent progress, whatever your goal might be. Tracking your workouts and progress is one of the main ways to ensure you are achieving progressive overload. It also allows you to identify areas where you can improve on. For example if you look back and find you consistently fail to complete sets on deadlifts, maybe some accessory work or other exercises to help lead to that compound move might be helpful!

I want to be able to help you to progress in every session. This log book will allow you to refer to each session to try and improve on the last; be that adding some weight or pushing more reps.

Jotting your workout down on a normal note pad can work, but it can get very messy and hard to make sense of, especially if tracking long workouts with lots of sets!

Having a log book which has organized pages and sections makes it easy to record and refer back to. With a log book, you can make a note of not just your exercises but also your mood, your rest periods and how you generally feel in the session so that you can recognize trends.

I’ve also included sections to track your personal bests and your measurements too. This is the complete package to help you keep on top of your progress!

There are also helpful information and tips pages which is ideal to learn the basic fitness concepts!

Why log your workouts?

We are all on our own journey’s with our own goals and motivation to train. It is easy to become complacent and just fall into a routine, going through the motions doing the same exercises, weights and reps each and every session, without really giving it a second thought about pushing yourself.

By knowing and visually being able to see what you did the session before allows you to ensure that you push yourself a little harder each time, which can also help with motivation as you want to better yourself. Progressive overload is essential!

Having a log book allows you to be more efficient with your sessions. You can write out you session prior to getting to the gym, so that you know exactly what you need to get done and don’t waste time wondering what exercise to do next.

Give yourself the accountability for your own goals and training!

Having a log book also helps you to stay motivated as you feel good when checking off each exercise as your go through your session and seeing it get done.

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